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Dan Bull - League of Legends Rap lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hey ho!
Let me take over and amaze those couch potatoes
As I slay foes who stray close to my caseload of great flows
Every moment I make goes straight to the Summoner showcase
Most played so they know me as the Great Bull
You're a scapegoat
Your opinion's nothing to me
I'm running Dominion
Buffing my speed
And some of the Summoners coming at me
Are just gonna be meat to increase my sum of xp
I'm brilliant k**ing a million minions a minute until
I've diminished your kingdom
You're finished
You're fish fillets
Your tower is under attack
I'm the Tienanmen square man
You're vanishing under my tank
My champions dismantling your Pantheon and ganking them
He's leaving them bleeding and needing immediate
Treatment from an ambulance
And when it comes to spells
I'm betting you can't even spell "Chrysanthemums"

I lead the League of Legends
You idiots need protection
My collection increases weekly
'Til I reach perfection
I lead the League of Legends
You idiots need protection
My collection increases weekly
'Til I reach perfection

[Verse 2]
I fire fireballs
At the riot store
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Champions? I try 'em all
And level them up into higher forms
'Til my enemies look at the eye of the storm
I'm taking aim and raining pain again again you're slain
To explain my brain's a strain
But it's safe to say I remain insane
I lay in wait beneath the shrubberies and jungle leaves
Coming from the trees to plunder everything but your dungarees
My hunger needs feeding
I feast on feeble underlings
And leave them wondering whether it's thunder or my tummy rumbling
And now I'm within your perimeter
Administering your distributor
With a particularly vicious and pitiless kick in the
Knickers until it gives in to testicular sickness
My method's meticulous
This record's ridiculous
I'm a carnivorous sinister villainous k**er
You're just a little wuss


[Verse 3]
I'm brutal
I lack scruples
So any defence is actually futile
I'll never attend a tribunal
'Til everything ends and it's my funeral
I've got rooms full of Runes
It's not just hot tunes I produce
With lots of vitality clarity avarice malice alacrity
It's a laugh to see you after me and my masteries
What's that you trying to cast at me?
I'm cleansing anything men have attempted to send in my path you see?
These legendary staffs and blades
Will send a competitor back to base
My most regular WAV that's played?
An enemy has been slain

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