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Dan Bull - HALO 4 EPIC RAP lyrics

An ancient evil awakens
The Galaxy's here for the taking
We need more than police and a spaceship
To cease the Prometheans claiming it (yeah)
These evil a**ailants
Are leaving the deepest abrasions
Without delimitations

Now Master Chief has been catching Zs
Since he last was seen on these screens
Now he's back and eager
To blast a piece
At the catastrophe that he sees

Thought the Forerunners had all done a runner
But the Covenant are currently ballin' like none other
But something doesn't add up there's another species and
They're bringing beastly guns
The scattershot'll splat a lot of meaty chunks
So you better be backing off from the Prometheans, Son
Far more than a Martian war
This calls for the Spartan-IV
No other corps is coming half as raw
Or packing such a frakkin' ma**ive arsenal

Cortana calls who's she askin for?
It's the MC MC styles galore
In a time of war
I'm the one-man remedy and I am called John-117
Back bigger than ever quicker and cleverer
Getting rid of the mess as if I'm an enema

I am bigger than Machinima or an IMAX image in a cinema
Though my enemies take no prisoners
I still escape fate like a space John Dillinger

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Look, you prat these are just the facts
Me, I'm rising skyward, thruster pack
And I'm rhyming tight never cut you slack
Your head's just another nut to crack and when it comes to nuts
I stuffed a sack with cojones galore
Enough to catch me a trophy of war, Custer's hat, so if you need a battle rap
This is just the track

Lyrically k**in' the audience
As if I'm bringing an Infinity ordnance
Then I rewind the track respawn the chumps just to remind the fact Chief's awesomeness
I brought dreadful news:
You're shot to bits
Dead, you lose
Lost, adrift
Reds and Blues not Bloods and Crips
So I hopped in my Warthog and crushed your whip

Pushed a clip into my rifle
Giving you an eyeful of ammunition damaging your vision man, I'm spiteful!
The rightful heir to the UNSC, I declare I'm too s**y! When I say "Ho" you say " Yes, chief?" I put the "I" in "chef" and I'm prepping up a recipe
Forget Reach, leave ODST and go Forward unto Dawn you get me?
I should compose me a requiem theme
Nobody'd forget me then, we've
Re-entered the end of the rainbow, storm warning!
So you better lay low because I say so
And wait for the payload...HALO!
Pay no dividends, take no prisoners, no matter how cray things go no giving up

I am bigger than Machinima
Or an IMAX image in a cinema
Though my enemies take no prisoners, I still escape fate like a space John Dillinger

If you're an alien or a being upon Earth, I'll battle you on any beat and leave you looking worse
If you're rapping to Infinity
I'll even push it further

This first verse is a precursor...

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