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Dan Bull - GAME OF THRONES RAP | Dan Bull lyrics

A song of fire vs. ice / You a squire, I'm an honorary knight
Valyrian sword while you carry a knife the rap game of thrones, you barely survive I
Castrate you like Greyjoy - Then I'ma make you my slaveboy
Now you be prayin to seven deities that I don't whip you with chains coiled
You bout to get k**ed in a fighting pit I'm the rightful heir, you might as well quit
You fired some arrows and missed You look like a Sparrow, you poorer than sh**
And now you'll be burned and flayed Return to your cage Bring me some wine
The King has arrived Spittin that Basilisk venom and now you cling for life

My raps are born from Melisandre's twat
Yours are bloody boring, I'd rather listen to Hodor rap
Me? I'm bigger than Brienne of Tarth. You? you're not even a half
I do to your family what the Freys did to each of the Starks
I could beat you every day of the week, Your name's not NLJ, it's Reek
I flay a beat like Ramsay Bolton, turn the heat from cold to molten
While I sit on the iron throne you sit and iron at home
I'm a wildling lout, wilding out, the trail behind me's a pile of bones

You gaze into the flames in Hope for wages and to be famous
No stress, no pain Means no conquest, no gain
Your lyrics were sent to you by a raven Who are you again? You have many faces
Make it rain from the Iron Bank I pay a**a**ins for your dire straits
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I see your empire of pride and hate Trial by combat or hide from fate
I spit fire on your zombie body till you're covered in blisters
You've been falling off since you caught me f**in your sister
So bow and stop defending cause now your watch has ended

I cross the Narrow Sea, through flaming arrows east to Lhazareen
I ride on the back of of a dragon beast, you struggle to ride this track on the beat
I'm applying violence from Iron Oaks to the Iron Islands
So pray to the old gods and the new to provide you guidance
My presence is bigger than Tywin's, you're as thick as The Mountain
My words pierce ears with the precision of Needle, you're an idiot shouting
Every single track I hear you just repeat that one flow
You're an idiot, to paraphrase Ygritte: "You know nothing, Jon Snow"

You in pain with no milk of the poppy, full of shame - your lyrics are sloppy
Sword of the morning, shinin so bright, Call me R'hlor, but Lord of the Mic
Back from the dead, Beric Donderian, Dragon sky head from Daenerys Targaryen
Conquer the war with Robert's Rebellion, Cut off your dwarf dick, no need for sellin it

Outnumbered a thousand to one, I'll still defeat your standing army
I'm ready, I'm heavy, I better be renamed Notorious Samwell Tarly
I'm the One True King of nerdcore, whatever else you may wish
I've got more cunning in my little finger, Petyr Baelish

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