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Dan Bull - Fuck Content ID (YouTube Diss Rap) lyrics

Shoutout to YouTube's official recommended copyright-free
Audio Library for this amazing instrumental
One of over seven hip-hop instrumentals in the Audio Library

[Verse 1]
Dear YouTube, this here's to you
To tell you that your new rules are poo-poo
I don't know who does your business stuff lately
But it's an understatement that they've pissed us off greatly
Redirecting funds from the kids who have made you
And giving them straight to the pricks in the grey suits
That couldn't give a fuck for the YouTube community
For a quick buck, there's nothing that they wouldn't do to me
NerdCubed got struck for publishing a photo
That contained nothing but his own fucking logo
My mate Gavin got caught making wealth
For using music that he stole from himself
Boogie hates it too, though he may not be connected
But when the walls fall down, he'll be affected
With none of us protected, we're on some Wild West shit
But with an automated sheriff, no-one gets arrested
I suggest you don't even bother to contest it

This is the winter of our discontent
Where Google gives consent
For you to nick content
From YouTubers too puny to put up a defence
They're glued; stuck in cement
It's too tough to prevent
This is the winter of our discontent
Copyright trolls roll up and we are stiffed on rent
This is the winter of our discontent
Ideally you'd give back every stolen cent

[Verse 2]
It's like a labyrinth of licenses and lies insisting
I have nicked shit but I'll fight life and limb to lift it
I know I might have the littlest voice
But I will always call bullshit if given the choice
We can only make change with enough noise
So let me demonstrate how simple the system is to exploit
(One) First find a YouTuber who you want to screw up
(Two) Pick a new video they've done or one that blew up
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(Three) Submit a copy to the CMS stash, click
You'll earn cash quick the minute that it matches
The paper's taken from the creator that made it straight away
Without the need to even briefly speak to people face to face
You can just take them on a Kafkaesque paper chase
Because there's no accountability within the database
So if they're making complaints, you can ignore these
And keep on earning from their work for up to four weeks
When the four weeks is up, you just release the claim
Keep the change and start the whole thieving scheme again
It's easy taking candy from a baby, piece of cake
Google don't give a fuck, they get their profit either way


[Verse 3]
Somehow you managed to put out a statement
That brushed aside every single last complaint, look:
You didn't mention your system dismisses fair use
Or how we can reclaim our redirected revenues
That guilty until proven innocent is an affront
And that to prove your innocence can take several months (cunts)
Nah, you just published a puff piece
If I'd point out animal abuse, you'd say “Look at these puppies :)”
Game publishers have explicitly stated
They don't want to claim on any Let's Plays created
They're actually pissed off about the changes
Just as much as we are, you don't have to go to Cambridge
University to see it's proven universally
Your circuitry needs urgent work to cease us losing permanently
It's news worthy of a parody, Ron Burgundy
We're swirling in a purgatory that's worthy of East Germany
The Berlin Wall is like the strikes we're receiving
Now where's David Hasselhoff when you need him?
This wall is obviously going to fall before we stop
So you might as well call it off, Mister Gobrachev
I used to love YouTube and what it stood for
But good Lord, now the scrap heap is all it's good for


Independent YouTubers made YouTube
Then YouTube got huge and shafted them up the arse
On behalf of the traditional dinosaur entertainment industry
Keeping us locked in the 20th century since the 20th century
Thanks, so much… Bellends

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