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Dan Bull - Forza (x-triptych i) lyrics

To the next. Generation
Man, i feel like a superstar. In a - highpowered supercar
Shoot for the stars, No stoppin' me, i'm revving up a cacophony
Doesn't matter whataver u offer me, Won't swap it for anything, honestly
The road ahead of me's calling, And pole position, is where i've just got to be
Im an ace in a race, set a pace that'll take u to a range of places
Make u say ''ohh, great, amazing'', a trail in my wake as i blaze away
'cause - it's the way that i make my paper, do me a favour, get out my way, bruh
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Boy racer with places to be, so its safe to see i'll see you later
Forza Motorsport will open doors to a sort of ocean port that'll flow a course from coast to shores, the poetry of motion's yours
Saddle up, we're going on tour, you'll ride astride you chosen horse through a load of applause
Such force, you were only supposed to blow the doors
Horsepower, Galloping gallantly, shoot for the stars, Galileo galilei, Hey
Don't prang my McLaren, Geez
The tab to path up the damage is grand as ur anual salary
And apparently, u just cannot handle me
So hand me the keys as i shoot for the stars, blasting these supercars to a brand new galaxy

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