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Dan Bull - Everybody Hates Chris lyrics

[Hook: Dan Bull]
Everybody hates Chris
Everybody hates Chris Leese
'Cause he's
An absolute wanker

[Verse 1: Chris Leese]
Well, that's a true fact
I'm an absolute twat
When I [?], my attitude's bad
Pissy at the party, sniffing [?]
'Till my f**in' jaw's wired like Kanye
I smoke crack, just in case you didn't know that
Swallowing Prozac with bottles of Cognac
It's me, Chris Leese
Wiping [?] cheese on your bird's titties
And anyone who wanna challenge this
Will be having sicker flashbacks than Catholic kids on acid trips
Hyperactive prick, I need calm down
All I do is dart 'round making fart sounds
Far out, the loudest voice in the crowd
I can't front, I'm probably annoying you now
But I'm not Chris Evans, Willis or Brown
I'm the most hated boy in the town


[Verse 2]
I've been a twat since I came out my dad's dick
And snapped the plastic on the prophylactic
They grew into a fat prick who raps sick
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Chat sh**, and uh, I think that's it
So never second guess the best s** pest, b**h
[?] and a dress gets ripped
Forget my friends, I never get a text, [?]
And then you'll press reject on my friend request
Sipping cider in the cypher
I don't write chipmunk, or [?]
Or Diddy or 50 or Dizzy neither
I f**in' hate grime and Drake's a sh**ty rhymer
So f** the shows on the idiot box
f** the X Factor and the kiddies that watch
My surname's not Tucker, Griffin or Rock
The little twat that's pissing you off


[Outro: Chris Leese & Dan Bull]
Innit Records (hates Chris)
Pedigree Chumps (hates Chris)
Benny Yi (hates Chris)
[?] (hates Chris)
Tactical Thinking (hates Chris)
[?] (hates Chris)
[?] (hates Chris)
Domino's Pizza (hates Chris)
[?] (hates Chris)
Lady Sovereign (hates Chris)
Chris Leese (hates Chris)
Your bird's dildo (hates Chris)
Nicki Minaj (hates Chris)
Every household pet (hates Chris)
The whole of my town (hates Chris)
f**in' everybody (hates Chris)

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