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Dan Bull - Dragonborn lyrics

[Verse 1]
I've suffered cold nights,
Discovered old shrines
Dug in gold mines,
Won untold fights,
Knocked back whole pints of mulled wine
Endeavored to climb and weather the heights
'Til every dragon soul's mine,
Solved the civil war that split the soil,
Like a fault line,
But I'm getting bored
Of being in the borders
Of Skyrim for the whole time,
So hold tight as we all ride into Solstheim,
I'm the bold type
Like the lines inside the black books
Open it up and it grabs and s**s you in
So take a last look at whatever you stepped in
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When treading ahead in this general direction
Better get protection
Cause the whole town's
Gone down with a fungal infection,
A fuming human Thu'uming at the top of my head, Shouting
From Raven Rock all the way to the top of the Red Mountain
I can rap with incredible force twice as fast as ever before,
My legacy, oddysey, elegy, prophecy, levelled it up
To incredible rocket speed
So you better be paying a bit of attention
Cause every day I'm penning my name ahead of the game,
And getting insanely better at saying bloody everything,
A miracle of lyrical ascension
By the Nine what an entrance!
By the time you've tried that rhyme
Man, I'll be lining for my pension,
And Miraak, Hes Dragonborn but he lacks these bada** horns
And can he spit a record of a syllable a millisecond
I really don't reckon he can at all!

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