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Dan Bull - Dishonored 2 lyrics

[Verse 1]
The Empire's got a new boss
Delilah Copperspoon, what a loon, not human, too posh
Her city's a machine and I'm a loose cog
I'm popping out the wall like a cuckoo clock to move across rooftops in two hops
I'm mute, but if I need to I'll blow the roof off
And kudos to you lot, that do what you've got to do to follow through and shoot a true shot
When a bolt from the blue shocks you
I'm going to watch to determine who's true and who's not
The world's bursting with vermin and parasites
Who surface disturbing this permanent paradise
Cannibalising itself then metabolising the toxins
And we're shocked when it's paralysed
I know violence is glamorised so I have analysed and agonised on every dying man I've sliced!

Walk through floors, walls, and locked doors
'Til warm water pours from all your pores
All aboard pull the oars 'til we storm all your shores
'Til your foes crawl gory floors on all fours

[Verse 2]
There's smoke and dusk choking us
I hope it won't combust
It's coating the mechanism of oppression's spokes with rust
There's only so much that we'll let our load be pushed
To the overseers who overseer us I show disgust
How come they get the loaf while we beg below for crusts?
I don't trust them just as far as I could throw the f**s
And when stones are chucked, bones are bust, wounds are opened up
Resistance and revolt's a must
We're going for broke or bust
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Fed up of hanging 'round shanty towns in hand-me-downs
I'm tracking down your family if you don't hand me the crown
Today's the day that I will finally find the fire inside
To come and claim what's rightfully mine
I'm tripping the kingdom and crying for children, men, and women to rise
Your tyranny's rivers are dry
My, this is a riveting sight
In the blink of an eye, you're going to die
So think of your imminent plight
Give it a try
I decline to give up the fight 'til the end of my life


[Verse 3]
I'm going in
I'm of the inclination to instigate an insubordination
This is an incantation; an invocation, invitation to an investigation
I'll infiltrate, interpret and inseminate insider information
Incite intimidation in interrogation to get an indication of the indignatious indoctrination inundated in her nation
Of integration, immigration, indiscrimination, interrelation, and inflammation in inhabitation under industrialization
Innocuous inoculation against an infestation
Insinuation? Incrimination
Implication? Incarceration
It's an illustration of the inculcated inconsideration incubated in us since her installation
The inauguration initiated intensification of inebriation imitating inspiration
Intoxication impersonates invigoration
Instrumental in inhibiting imagination
Innovation replaced with irritation
Infatuation with infuriation
Illumination with immolation
Incineration and inhalation of the vapour's incapacitation
I'm impudent indemnification's insolent incarceration
Your argument just is invalidation


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