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Dan Bull - Dead Rising 3 Rap lyrics

[Verse 1]

There's dead on every street
The city's a cemetery
So evidently, you better believe
It's better to get up and leave
If that's something you'll ever achieve
Well then you will need to get a bit mean
With the endless sea, of horrendous beings
That'll see your flesh as a delicacy
They wanna find out how your meat tastes
One bite is all it takes
Should you make a small mistake
They'll make you their next gourmet steak
The stakes have been raised, son
Can you stave the invasion?
From the cradle, to the grave, you'll save
All walks of life and d**h, When you slay them

[Verse 2]

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I'll make tools,Then I slay fools
Though I break rules, Stay faithful
To the label, Of a fellow cutting straight through you
From the nape of the neck to the navel
Maybe it's painful, maybe it's not
I dunno, your brains are all rotten
And though you may have forgotten the way that it was
I won't let you forget when I take you to god
With a home made blade aimed straight to your schnoz
I don't suppose, there'll be that much tissue left
To let you blow your nose
And so it goes on
The contagion continues
It'll blatantly take
Every grain of the patience
And latent frustration
That's waiting within you


Let's take it back!

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