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Dan Bull - Dawnguard lyrics

The Dragonborn returns to life
With awful burning eyes
To the hidden fortress
The time has dawned
To turn the tide
Return the prince's daughter
To the north across the water
Lean off my horse
And slaughter all
Before I pick a side
Do I take on the demon form
Beneath an evil storm
Feast on peoples' necks
As if their head's
Atop a piece of corn?
Or do I support the dawnguard
And ward the heartless darkness
Your fallen carca** torn apart
To ensure you're harmless?
I walk forward
Regardless of the peril
My blades of glory'll gore an elf
Will Ferrell
I've maxed the level cap
Stamina, Magicka, Health
Collected every shout
Successfully bettered myself
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I've worked the perks
Earned a purse
Spent my septims
And now I'm heading out
It's none of your concern
But nevertheless
I can confirm
That yes I might become sunburt
My melanin's red
As the Whiterun sun turned
When I ready my crossbow
Your head'll be redder
Than central Moscow
I use so many bolts
I get them wholesale
From Costco
Action packed With Dragons
Smashing splashy patches
Bats and axes
Hacking you up
Like medical malpractice
I am the Dragonborn
And I still wear the hat
With bada** horns
I've fought swarms
Of forsworn hordes
And now I'm after more

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