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Dan Bull - Carbon Warfare lyrics

[Verse One]
I'm the most heartless of businessmen, I'm on a mission:
Harming the climate with carbon emission
Falsify facts to calm opposition
Despite the obvious harsher condition we live in
The thermometer's splitting
Can't take the heat?
Then depart from the kitchen
Just stop all the b**hing, I'm trynna' do business
Acquiring riches is like a religion
Melt the last ice caps, just like that
Deploy propaganda to gaslight stats
Then cry 'fake news' when I dislike facts
That's my strategy, that's my act
Slash and burn and ama** my cash
Salt the scorched Earth, just for a laugh
Don't get caught in the global warming hoax
All the warnings are totally boring!

I, just want to watch the world burn
Earn what's mine
'Til we arrive at the point of no return
I, just want to watch the world burn
We'll never learn, we'll never learn, we'll never learn...

[Verse Two]
Create ma**ive pain
Spray acid rain
Assa**inate Mother Nature, that's the game
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Natural disaster, that's what we're after
Tapping that a** like I'm fracking for gas
Gas guzzler
Ma** muzzler
Fact shuffler
Crap shoveller
Blast muffler
The whole planet's last hustler
Dat autocratic fat cat sat smug on a pandaskin rug
That I had smuggled in from the jungle I'm cutting up
My cash stocks and the temperature's looking up
No inspectors'll get through me
You'll regret if you reckon that I'll let you see
I'll affect every breath you breathe
Chainsmoke cigarettes in my SUV
I'll choke the sheriff and the deputy
Turn everyone on Earth to a refugee
I revel in seeing the sea level reach a new piece of the beach 'til the piers beneath it
The Devil and the deep blue sea you're between
It's too late to cease when you've already seen it
Rip right through reefs like a riptide
Look right to the sky, see hypocrites ride
Private planes while describing the ways we should fight the invasion of climate change
Stop their childish ways off the climbing frames
I say put 'em on the firing range
I'm a tyrant, violent to my environment
Crimes against nature, acquiring a pile of 'em
Innit ironic, that I run it, when I couldn't give a flying fog if anyone'll survive from it?
I'm not even being hyperbolic, I'm diabolic
Never do I wanna' see a dial with a smile on it!


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