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Dan Bull - Call of Duty Ghosts Rap lyrics

[Verse 1: Brysi]
Give me the mask, it's here, call of duty is back
Setup the scene, drop bombs, we're under attack
It's just me and my dog, and a whole lotta trashed land
We are about to clean it up, somebody get me a trash can

Like ghosts, we are silent, you'll never know that we are close
Until we're right behind ya, then *pow* it's too late cause
We've already went violent, consider it an honor that you died
By the hands from an elite guy like I

My purpose and mission, swimming with the fishes
Trying to figure out how it happened and who did this
How did our pretty cities end up piles of rubble
We'll find out who it was so we can put them 6 feet under

Sticking together cause all we have is one another
Creeping in the night, using darkness as a cover
Speaking of covers you probably wanna get under
Yours cause Call of Duty Ghosts are coming for ya!

[Hook] x2
Throw your controllers up in the air
Wave em all around like you just don't care
They might say we're done for
But they don't know
We are the call of duty ghosts

[Verse 2: Dan Bull]
Move, fish, get out the way!
It's Dan Bull and I've got something to say
A Battlefield vet
I've been to the Borderlands
Back from the Planetside
Because duty's calling Dan
And now the planet is damaged
The power balance is challenged
So gather round as I'm planning
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To rally a Phalanx of valiant veterans
No battalion's better than
Something like a Veterinarian's vial of ketamine

Violently kettling you, applying the sedative
Why do you question my verity when I said it is?
Woof! A dog is a mans' best friend
And he'll stand next to that man til the very end
I defend my brothers
I defend my team
I depend on others just as much as they depend on me so
I raise a glass to them, in a toast
The enemy better be ready... for the Ghosts

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Brysi]
Never stop, never rest, til our enemies are dead
Our crosshairs are settled on the chest and the head
I never go alone, yeah my squad's got my back
And riley is hungry, he's looking for a snack

It's cold outside, we take the battle indoors
You know i'm hopping over counters watching bodies hit the floor
If you see me run for cover cause you know what Imma do
Imma empty my entire magazine inside a you!

Guarantee when I shoot you are probably gonna lose
The power of my powder knocks you out of your boots
I didn't wanna do it but I'm strapping on the suit
Now you're screaming to your team, juggernaut is on the loose!

Having so much fun can't believe it's finally here
Call of duty ghosts, I've been waiting all year
You know that Eminem said that he was the Rap God
But when it comes to playing video games I am the King of COD!


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