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Dan Bull - Bedshaped lyrics

In the good times we stood side by side till you were blinded

By bright lights enticed by high life in hindsight the

Highlight of my life was you and I laughing and having a nice


Time flies it was years since I last was certain I had not

Swerved from the right path, deserted deprived of dirt that I

Am. The person I had been turned inside out

Hurt and dried out by winds of change fingers frail and a face

Now emersed in lines, wrinkles ailing health are things that

Age and self pity bring day in and day out, I've hours and

Hours of days to dwell of how I have failed myself so now I

Just pray for help about how I can raise myself out from this

Groundhog day and save myself

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When I play back the scenes of my youth it seems me and you

Would have hated to seperate, I hesitated wasting being with

You, now were a distant step away from the better days

Let us pray that one day we'll be back and living happily as if

Things had never changed we could celebrate our freedom 7 days

A week and never have to seperate from each other. Just spend

Our days in each others company till each piece of the puzzle

Becomes complete

Theres something sweet in the feeling life will end safe, I

Pretend sometimes that I've already met fate, I lay awake dead

With baited breath legs of lead that I'm waiting for d**h to

Take my life away to I can say I've finally made headway a rest

Safe not lying bedshaped

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