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Dan Bull - Autistic Guy Raps Better Than You lyrics

I've said it before
And I'm ready to tell it again
In my lowest moments
I'm my own best friend
I want to connect
With the people around me
The people that doubt me
But being in a loud scene
With the crowd screaming around me
Is totally overwhelming
To the point where I feel I'm drowning
The sea ond the fear surround me
The cheers are bringing me down deep
But now the crowning glory
Is how the crowd applaud me
Applause resounding all around
The sound is out of the ordinary
Kind of like my personality
'til I learned it wasn't a tragedy
These mannerisms and Danielisms
Are things that make me actually me
An atom within the matter
That's spanning the seas
And planets and galaxies
And that isn't an allegory
We're all composed of energy
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And it means
The planet's a can of beans
With infinite different varieties
So why are me and V seen
As a difficult bit of society?
Nah, f** that
We're the facets in the diamond
While you're on the mountain shouting
You can't see the fact we're climbing

I'm living with autism
And all the world's a stage
For which I never auditioned
I'm living with autism
My brain plays a syncopated
Change of pace to your rhythm
I'm living with autism
And these bars formed the cells
Of my mental prison
'til I saw I didn't need to be forgiven
For being me
And living with autism

[REPEAT Chorus]

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