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Dan Bull - Assasins Creed Epic Rap lyrics

Call it parkour but hardcore
I make killing an art form
Death's cold taste
Sweet as carte d'or
No need to start wars
For a difference of opinion
Give me the name of your antagonist
I'll stick them in the ribs
Because I'm an assassin
One with a passion
For innovative rapping
Dropping so fast
You're probably having
A problem to follow the captions
I'm so ahead of my time I'm probably rapping backwards
A scholar of Latin
With a master's in dispatching
Anybody that's hassling
One of my customers
I cuts them up
And shuts them up
In a casket
What you've got to do is ask
And then I'll have grabbed them
And then stabbed them
In the abdomen that minute
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And be finished with the killing
Before you've finished with asking!
A bird of prey
With terminator's murder rate
I'm serving plates of pain up
Like a perverse buffet

I'll take you to the pearly gates
I'll impersonate a passer-by;
You wouldn't bat an eye
Until your circulations pacified
So practiced I couldn't
Count the crimes
I've perpetrated
How many spines
Or vertebrates
I've snapped
My raps travel through sound and time
Through generations
My serenade regurgitated
Through a nerd rapper's recitation
To your earthly playlist

So I'd say this was a revelation
A revelation

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