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Dan Bull - Apex Predator lyrics

Survival's all I've ever know
Selection status: Natural
What comes next, let's evolve
I'm living off the fat of the land with animals
Blood and sweat, flesh and bone
Stranded on the sand, I stand alone
As I gather wood stacks, thatch and stone
To make spears and axes, better get your own
Unless a battle's what you're askin' for

[Part 1]
Aggro me, I'll trash your home
Can you practice actin' pa**ive? No!
I have a bow, do you wanna catch arrows?
Or get your back stabbed with a raptor toe?
Get some clothes, or you'll catch a cold
Slashin' and hackin', I stay active though
Bashin' carnivores like it's wack-a-mole
Trappin' 'em in a bola while I'm landin' blows
Pachy attack! That'll crack your dome
After I choke ya, as if a boa had your throat
You just croaked, like ma**ive toad
Put the tribe on my back, like a saddle bro

Pack your travel bags and roam
Grab a hatchet, pull up your bootstraps and go
The map is vast, but your path's unknown
Call me tyrannosaur - I have the throne

I rise at the crack of dawn
Eat a couple stimberries, hold back a yawn
I'm a pterodactyl defecating
You're standing where I'm crappin' on
I'm a rappin' neanderthal
Ain't scared of sharp claws and ma**ive jaws
I'm the reason you stay inside after dark
Because I practically run Jura**ic Park

My world is a paradise with open doors
Climb up from the valley to the mountains
Set sail from the beaches to the northern shores
Adapt to the habitat I'm found in

This territory is mine
I'll light a fire tonight
I feel it rise in my temperature
No beast will take me alive
I set my sight on the skies
The apex predator
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(Dan Bull:
JT Machinima, We're lighting a fire tonight)

[Part 2: Dan Bull]
I wake up butt naked in the sand
Disorientated but making up a plan
My brain's a blank map for the lay of the land
Go back to the stone age, I take it in my hand
I'm into hard rock and heavy metal
The campfire fire blackens every pot and every kettle
Better get setting off from where we settled
Another day, another way we've got another level
Humans are tribal by nature
Will die for their mates in a fight with their neighbours
The sight of a stranger's a target to aim for
Your life is in danger, Don't try to escape
It's the time and the place for a great war
So organise and liaise
Or a bite to the face
Is the kind of a fate you can wait for
So buckle up tight and get braced to break jaws

The great outdoors, the call of the wild
I was born and I'll die on a poor little isle
A child caught inside of the eye
Of the storm
As if all of my life was a trial
I'm bear grylls
I share sk**s
On how to trek hills
Prepare meals
And get k**s
When it gets real
I'm a new Steve Irwin
Though I'm no zookeep, I do keep serving
A serving of darwin's journey
Though swirling seas
To the shores of the need to learning
Or Raptors'll roll up
And sap your soul
Through the cracks of your skull
While you're trapped in a hole
Fight back with your bola
Reach camp, valiant, back from the cold (ah)
One life is a light in the dark
Shine bright and survive in the ark


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