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Damizza - Lights Out lyrics

[Intro: Knoc-Turn'al]
Now that's cool
You know
I chill wit ch'all though a little bit
f** the ???
I ain't give a f** about that n***a
And he came hittin my weed
He came drinkin my Hen'
Matter fact if I see him in traffic, even though y'all f** with him
It's on

[Hook: Knoc-Turn'al]
All lights are on
This is for the G in me, let's go (let's go)
Get yo party on with me (get it crackin in this motherf**er)
Lights out
I'll give you everything you need, and more

[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
On the mic I been a demon since semen
Have you screamin': Oh mama, here come that young O'Sama
With that Al-Quaida drama
f** no, it's the Dalai Lama
With that West World Order
Now MC's Bow Down and treat me like Yoda
When they catch me in the corner at the club
Like "n***a what", they throw up the dub
So you can tell Samuel L. I'mma keep ac'in
You can even tell that motherf**er Jesse Jackson
Pay your child support, keep your payments up
Put a rubber on and don't f** with us

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[Verse 2: Mack 10]
Mack pull up in the rag, Chevy layed the a**
And crumble green on a Zig-Zag and lace it with hash
I keep a 9mm cocked and ready to blast
So when the phone jump off a n***a ready to smash
I drink my 'gnac out the bottle
I don't f** with a gla**
And I ain't set tripping dog, that's a thing of the past
And I stay in good shape so my stamina last
And put hands on a motherf**er bout my cash
I was a stick up kid, I snatch your chain and dash
And if the pawn shop wanted it, I downed it fast
Or I'm creeping through your window breaking out your gla**
Then I rob the whole party looking through a ski-mask, c'mon


[Verse 3: W.C.]
From the land of the Lakers, bird brakers, Impala pedals
While we chop dollars with those in sombreros
It's the check a ho, when the cutla** checkin doe
So so ghetto Dub S rep the (ball/boat)
Ball gritty but a group of hogs with me
And V.I.P. yo from mad dog 20/20
Dub C. chucking up the 23rd alphabetical
Steel swiss hanging like a testicle
Lick 1, 2 to the nose my bump was [?]
Take a picture trick my foe's posing like the Heisman
I'm burnin money, trying to slide some in your tummy
Keep your panties gummy, have you walkin funny, trick

[Hook x 2]

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