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Damizza - I'll Do Anything lyrics

(Verse 1 - N.U.N.E.)
You say you'll do anything, well sell a car, pawn your wedding ring
And off with them worldly goods, I need 'em, come tribute 'em to the king
Girl, the way I'm doing the thing, I may go topple damn game
Doing a damn thing, busting to move ya up out of the damn frame (N.U.N.E. Dawg)
You say do anything, I need you to be doing it all
Doing it ya'll while I'm doing it for all us
Keep doing the most from coast to coast - you know me
And not to be loving hoes and b**hes ain't good for me
The only n***a that has f**ed his whole block
And b**hes keep coming back because they love it a lot
No need to ask questions, the word for why I stand
I do what the f** I want, I'm a grown-a** man, b**h
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I'll do anything that I wanna do
I'll do anything that I wanna do

(Verse 2 - Damizza)
You might spit a good game, but not quite like Dame
I f**ed ya'll up with a simple name change (changed it)
I hit it quick like weed on the bricks
Bread to these chips, beats flowing through the click
(C'mon, don't stop) Flows for dumbsh**s, tracks for a**holes
You seen my ha**le, it's a sick life (sick life)
No denying, when I'm like, fifty I'll have a fifty year run on you bums

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