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Damizza - Cruzin' lyrics

[Main Verse: Butch Ca**isdy]
Cruising with my girl in my DTS
Feeling real good cause we got, the, best
Smoke in town, playin' G-crunk sounds
There's no problems when Young, ride, 'round
Pretty day, so I drop the top
I can't stop lookin' cause she's, so, hot
I can't wait til darkness falls
Today, she decided I'm a get, them, drawers
So excited, much anticipation
She glanced at my car and saw (???)
Baby, I'm diggin' on you
But right now, let's just cruise

Chorus: Butch Ca**idy
Just me and you
And later on, ain't go tellin' what we gon' do
All day long
Long as we together, ain't a damn thing don't go wrong

(Verse 1)
I was chillin' in the park On A Sunday Afternoon
Blowin' O.G. kush
Bumpin' the oldie tunes
Got, me a heina, so I hopped, in my lowrider
Tippin' three wires
Chrome hydrolics
Gold flake paint
Homie, what you think
Pa** me the deuce or a Heineken to drink (Drink)
Got my fade on, gotta keep me in the zone
Take this chick home, turn off the phone and bone
Get her out her thong
Hit it, then I'm gone
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Can't stay too long
I only got one night
You lucky you could be with me tonight
Fine mamacita
Only in Califas

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Butch Ca**idy
Baby, let's cruise
No matter where we go, I
Want, to, be, with you
Ah, ah, ah
Baby, let's ride
Long as you by my side, my
High, will, not, subside
Ah, ah
We don't have to leave my car
We can drive somewhere real far
Find somewhere to park
Long as it's after dark

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Or we can hop, in the Gallardo, take a cruise up the coast
Highway 1 to Malibu
I'll take you to the spots, on the ocean, we can stops
Grab a bite to eat, even check into a hotel
Walk along the beach
A night cap in the suite
Crumble up the leaves, start tearing up the sheets
You're a dime, and you're fine, I'm feelin' so hot
I'm loosin' track of time, I don't mind
We're cruisin'

Repeat Chorus

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