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Damizza - 805 Worldwide lyrics

Hey, ay
Hey, ay
Whoa, that's how we do in the 805

[Chorus: Chiko Dateh]
Rollin' through the streets of the 805
Hit the switch on the ride, and make it go side to side
That's how we do in the 805 (That's how we do in the 805)
You know we doin' it worldwide (Whoa-oh-oooh-oh)
Rollin' through the streets of the 805
P.Y.T. lookin' fly, she never less than a dime
That's how we do in the 805 (That's how we do in the 805)
You know we doin' it worldwide (Whoa-oh-oooh-oh)

I remember cruisin' Saviors on them weekend nights
I start to reminisce
On duckin' from them flashin' lights
'Member when we could chill
The side of the street
With no police
f**in' with the homeys
Stay true to the game, that's how I got my name
See, Dame'll never change
It's 805 worldwide
Just check my MySpace
I'm out, chasin' my cake
There's nothin' like this, holmes
Gettin' down at home
Chasing all these b**hes, they be blowin' up my phone
I been many places, but I'm S.P. zone
It's that 805 Kingz
We do the damn thang
Loco man, it's on, Cali's back up on the throne
With the youngsters in the game, show them there's a proper way
It's more than big rims and them iced-out chains

f** all of that, Eddie Music and the Clinch
It's my focus
To make hits up in this b**h
C4, Damizza, Monteloc' and Dateh
Smoking trees, dip and drink, this is all day


[Verse 2: Monteloco]
It's been a long time comin' now
Break 'em off, run it down
805, wears the crown
Can't be found on top of mound
No one man can possess to himself
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But together, we represent it like nobody else
Loco, baby, in the 80's, I was a baby
Listenin' to the legend, DJ H.T
Spendin' Easter Sunday at Lake Casitas
Rockin' the latest Prima gear and Adidas
You should've seen us, took me two weeks to speak English
Straight from Mexico, rifa
Ciudad Juarez
Grosspark Elementary to Oxnard College
Was a pain
By the books and the ballers
Honest, mama done raised no fool
I blaze, fool
Cruisin' down Savoirs, rode, and played ya mode
Before the cars have thugs
(???) clubs
Seen the streets flooded with handguns and hard d**
Remember ABC Switch, la gente
Throwin' barbecues in Ventura, a rollo verde
But now the city blew up, grew up with mad peeps
Got professional rappers
And professional athleets


8, 0, 5
8, 0, 5
8, 0, 5
8, 0, 5

(Verse 3)
[Monteloco] Even Oprah got a steezy in the 8-0-feezy
The steez is breezy, Santa Maria, to Simi
See me on the 101
Straight coastin'
Comin' over the grade, at night, the lights look bright
Mexico, Japon
Russia and Germany
Monteloco, 805, bet
They heard of me
Oxnard, California, rock hard, California
If you think you so tough, boy, let me warn ya
Loco got peeps in the street of N.Y
[Damizza] Miz got peeps in the streets of M.I
[Monteloco] Loco got peeps in the streets worldwide
So why, oh why, would you even wanna try
Don't test, the fool, leave you like a vegetable
Every year, we celebrate the Strawberry Festival
This is 805, 805 worldwide
Monteloco and Damizza, baby, come take a, ride


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