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Dameetis Brown - Warch out lyrics

50 seconds to get vicious and reckless
I'm full of sh**, laxities for breakfast
I'm k**ing it
I can feel it on my arms it leaks blood on the leaves
More like on my sleeves
Been murdering this game ever sense 15 and obviously, theirs nobody stopping me
You see these
OH im insane
I found someone to blame , yelling out my own name, shaking their heads in shame;
Im glad you came
I guess. Engraved my name in your head to proclaim who's the best
I became this: ashamed
And maybe they'd start listening if I lived in the hood of Compton or had a 10 day suspension
They hate when I say this, but those the ones waiting for my final destination. Preach

Theirs a lot of people in this
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Practicing to turn a fragment to sentence
And although I feel tremendous;
How far ive gotten is like a percentage. Tendon to it's business attending court between a witness and defendant
Feeling the atmosphere of ; momentous resentment
Feels the vengeance of other dependents , venting because of the rising price added with shipment
Tripping, because it was shipped in an instant; and such a long distance and I can't wait for Demetri to get his equipment
(THATS YOU) if you don't get it yet, my numbers going up b**hes

Its all sh**s and giggles until myself in a pickle
Then reaching for that rainbow; skittles
Time to get serious
n***a your delirious
You been in this for nine months and think your winning it huh?
Look, Ive dropped more songs than thots who thought at parties had to droop their thongs
And that's not all I stand tall on top of this wall
They hoping humpty dumpty falls
Its outrageous that im so sick they wish I was contagious; like Ebola outbreak in the states
Occasion , that im so thirsty hydration only comes from world domination
They hate when I say this, they hate it when I say this, they hate it when I say this
But those the ones waiting for my final destination. Preach

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