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Dameetis Brown - Dedication lyrics

[verse 1. Dameetis]
Im immaculate how my tactics and dreams succeed over earths axis, success is m accent. Indeed your anger feeds the need to leave; words that their throwing hurt, bob and weave
Ha dreams, far away they seem
Your peeking through the seems
The blurry light in night excites
The winds, but your the one with the kite
Here to win, an everlasting story. I hate the word end
I continue exploring
I've been playing for so little, some how im still scoring
Yeah , I was bated in this box. Now im on the outside working hard so this year is my year; two, zero, one, five
Yeah you heard it live
My achieve way to approach my; goals
Dice roll, landed on 4 degrees below zero
No coat , might be sick but who knows
Maybe that's just the way I flow , here we go AH

Sometimes when my mind is vacant on a space ship praying for vacation
No dues or obligation, legislation. I just want to say this
It fits how I sit and list the times logic hit
And I didn't quite. How do I?
How many times do I have to say it?
Mannn im dedicated

(chorus) Dedication, yeah im dedicated. Dedication, yeah, yeah im Dedicated, right. Dedication, yeah im dedicated, right. Dedication, yeah im dedicated. Yeah im dedicated yeah im dedicated right yeah im dedicated. Dedication

Last week I was on a roll with laughs;
Man that's in the past
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To worried about the cash tryna get rich fast huh
Well at last at last. All that money in your pocket, don't know when to stop it
Rockets igniting, exciting science , nature at its finest
Climatic climate. I'm everywhere with this!
Man im spineless
Biased to the crisis that Christ has a license
I'm a sidekick, writing the nicest rhymes sense a scientist with arthritis working to be toxic; man theirs a riot in my head!
Mouth is quite;
Time to go to bed, but instead i'm up with this pen here to win
Can't really see em
Clean that lens. workin so hard I don't know if I pretend
Don't know if this is good or not
I'm going on a limb in a paradox
In a pair a sox, or my paradise
Rolling a pair of dice look left look right

The point to understand;
Or man
In a time span can
Achieve their dreams
Or come back in spring to resurrect those winter leaves
Ive estimated how man of the say my future is animated
How much work it takes to stay elevated but I just got to stay dedicated


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