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Dameetis Brown - Black rensaissance lyrics


It is not our skin that makes us who we are; our strength and pride does. The reincarnation of the negro is this nation has been forced by hatred. No legislation or the emancipation proclamation can make us forget. We keep moving not because we hate to sit; its our whit and grit, and I feel like im talking in a lisp because people still don't get it. You know what, let me explain

Ugh . its Dameetis brown. Let me explain, alright
Chorus: My people are original sensible to exaggerate a part of us where we originate. For god sakes what happened to Michal Jackson , but we all accept the fact that accidents happen . Lets get it

Their was people like MLK and the new type of leaders like Kanye stay in the generation. Instead of stopping hatred; spread truth in their ears and their on these kids playlist
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Shaking in their boots cuz a pen and a paper sets someone like me free: spiritually
No one takes away from our pride , its us against thieves, no guns no knives AH!
We all live in a worlds where little boys and girls play together, that speech will last forever, but this printer is running out of ink so I need yall to remember this mentally ohh im so clever
They gone rain on your parade , you forget your umbrella , don't entertain, get shook and shake your feathers. My brethren are strong . Lets celebrate people like Kevin Hart who got to do a ride along
Awww man theirs injustices. They expect us to work at Mcdonalds ; were not loving it
Look right above and youll see who's pushing , shoving, and gruving; to become something. See I and you should join together. That's going to keep it and speaking of adhesive. Lets put it all with the thesis. and ima repeat it
Transmitted; to have a permit to commit I highly recommend it; analytic. They say racisms gone then realize its there in there homes it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to solve. The mystery of we judge by the skin on our bones, alright and though, the fight has been dropped the fight is still ripe. Peter pipe picked a peck of pickled peppers, and its our civil rights were going to endeavor. Never together are we weak. Suppressor on speak cuz if their was real freedom of speech America would be free, and actually the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, but were all troops casually. Lets be proud my people made it through and now its unthinkable. Its unthinkable , its unthinkable AH!

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