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Dame G - Mixtape Weezy lyrics

[Verse 1]
Bad NEWS, say hello to the Poltrigiest of open mics
.the type to get kicked out soon as my track loops
RAPPERS mad stupid buying coke and ice, I'll stick to
BUYING coke and ice, sh** but me, i add booze

.your son or alcohol? my mother made my dad choose
.he left with mad brews, left her with a bad bruise
.too bad brews impair judgement, that would explain my
BAD mood, always sad, depressed, stressed and my attitude

.ive blasted Kim on ex girlfriends voicemails
12 in the afternoon when I was mad at boo, and had it though the
ROOF, then got a call back from their dads who weren't that amused, i
HAD to hang up on 'em, call em back cuz I was laughing, oops

.so f** your feelings I'm about to hurt 'em, me give a
FUCK, you must be crazy in the brains, shout to Urban
.you nice, you lyin' out your face, shout to James
.PIS$OWL the gang, if you were on fire i wouldn't

LET the Mobb Piss on you to douse the flame, put out the burning
.an ounce of bourbon i turn to Kane and Bowser, alert the
GAME, this certain owl ain't chirping, that's for the birds, as far as
BIRDS, I'll pull 'em out, wave louder if you ain't heard em, owl
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[Verse 2]
My choice was GO and be a lawyer or get drunk and take my dads route, i
SAID "f** pa**ing the bar ill crash at the bar, then pa** out,"
.they tell me alcohol and owl's is all i rap bout, so
WHATCHU wanna hear from me? lap dance and s**?

GO from wearing black Vans to sagged pants to dress, if
THATS what labels want then I'm the last man to text
.but if they're looking for dope lyrics and phat jams, i
GOT them, like the city Batman protects

SLAP hands and pa** one of them pabst cans to quench, attention
RAP fans, your favorite rappers trash can to Vince
.no offense, the type to walk around your hood
DRUNK, and start a convo with your gate to get to know a fence

.blow a tenth of my savings on day drinking
PASS out, wake up and do the same thing straight thru the weekend
.you asking why? y ain't nothin but the 6th vowel
.b**h it's PIS$OWL, you sending disses, we

DISEMBOWEL, we catch you talking sh** we'll catch you quicker than
FISH in a barrel, f** Owl it's Vincent The Fisherman now
.so show the sickest lyricist where the benches is now
PITCH em a towel, pinch em and rip off his crown, its OWL

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