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Dame G - Holy (Ft. A-Roc) lyrics

(Intro Will Metty)
Let's get it
I am the prophet (Aye)
Will Metty (Remember that name)
Y'all ain't ready for this sh**
This that next level f**ing sh**

(Verse 1 Will Metty)
Smoking on the best sippin Cliquot
Trying to find a b**h that will deep throat
b**h this is the keystone
All you hoes be changing like the remote
Pulling up blowing out the speedboat
Make this sh** easy like a cheat code
Need no help
f** around and make it just right by myself
Blood red eyes like I been through hell
These bars locked down like we stuck in jail we gone

(Hook 1)
b**h I am holy x10

(Verse 2 )
b**h I am holy
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Got b**hes they act like they know me
But they still don't know me
I pull up I pop out
Got a couple rappers I'm a stomp out
f** all that bullsh**
You rappers ain't saying nothing
I promise I'm saying something
Tonight I'll be slaying something
These songs gonna stay bumping
Hop out and the K dumping
The crowd gonna stay jumping
b**h I am holy

(Verse 3 A-Roc)
My high is on Tony Montana
Real talk y'all n***as don't know me
World wide I am like Sony
Make you feel some type of way just like rich homie
The streets they console me
Don't f** wit no fakes Dont f** with no phonies
Can no one control me Iam nothing of holy legend like Kobe
Riding in foreigns they call me ginobli
I say f** the police

(Hook 2 A-Roc)
More lucifer im not holy x6

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