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Dak - Straight Fire lyrics

[Intro: True Greg]
It's True Greg
Lets get it
Y'all know what is
Lets go

[Verse 1: True Greg]
My name ring bells but I ain't at ya doorstep
Rappers chance to make keep slipping like the floors wet
I spilled the water, they gonna need help like a war vet
And I don't like to boast so I'm quiet like I'm on set
Doctor looked at me and he said I was born blessed
If you speak false about True than thats your head
They tell me that I'm crazy
You cannot faze me
Turning into villain, Feeling like I'm KD
You looking at the sickest
I ain't with the gimmicks
You can't see me like John Cena with his windows tinted
I ain't a mean type of dude, but I mean business
This rap game is heartless, survival of the fittest
Say good riddance, cause I'm k**ing with my good writtens
Got this in a chokehold till I win by submission
Yea, making these fakes retire
Stakes are higher
When all you do is spit straight fire
What, thats how I do it
Y'all don't want none of this man
That's all I gotta say
Hey yo Dak hit 'em with these crazy bars, they ain't ready

[Verse 2: Dak]
Yo, I got you hold up
These Words are so red again live in percentages
Like I'm the decimal
Heteros**ual messing you up
Hannibal lector you are so edible
You think you got hype Well I am the redder bull
How you got bars your lyrics forgettable
A fan base so minimal
I don't understand what you said at all
I got all these bombs do not set em off
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I'm like that Osama I said it oh
What I'm spitting could melt the Arctic
The next da Vinci, I'm an artist
Starting a fire it's sparking
I just desire anarchy, way I was wired is wrong
But still the circuit lives on
Won't be admired for long
Cuz there's not too much to look at
And nobody has shook Dak
I went ahead and took rap put it in my book bag then I booked back
Now it's the thing good at
Outsider like a hood rat
Prepared for accolades
I'm fresh like aftershave
Give me an answer babe
Should I just quit rap now or wait till cash is made
Already for the stars but imma aim higher
Ain't got nothing else to do except spit this straight fire

[Verse 3: True Greg]
You might be the man in the streets
But I'm the man on the beat
With a unique style and flow, that's how I bash on mc's
Just attacking with ease
I don't just rap for the cheese
I do it for respect, other things don't matter to me
When you see me don't give me no nasty look son
My mob go deep to leave you looking like a shook one
Turn you into Casper
Y'all just some actors
Who got lucky cause he got a role of a rapper
So stop acting like i'm not nice
Cause i'll stop by
And squash beef, like burgers smashed with Bok fives
Going faster than a mach five
The spotlight is all mine
You can try to take it, but you won't end up alive
Whack rappers should go in early retirement
I'm firing
Shots cause your lyrics trash, try again
And if you say I can't spit than you straight liar
Cause me and Dak hit you with that straight fire

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