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Dak - Lemme Get a Word lyrics

Who the f** wants to be a rapper?
Man that sh** is played out
Oh ya cool just take my sh** and lay it out
Following what makes me happy, the only reason I'm doing it
While they be chasing fame, to make sure they always look cool in it
But that's cool do your thing I won't judge you
But never trust somebody that's quick to say that they love you
They want you to rise as long as they stay above you. (Man don't let em' stay above you)
Spend a dollar on an Arizona, then I head to the mic and spit what I'm feeling
Got a feeling you don't care dontchya?
Thought I was ready a year ago
I went to an audition
To perform my music each week
I was around other rappers, awaiting my turn, I realized I'm more shy than Chief Keef
Get it? Can you repeat?
Some emotions I wanna delete
Never fall for just a pretty face, cause she had ugly feet
Always walking all over me, until I couldn't breathe
Hey Dak I like you but these black dudes are more for me
So then I wrote Penthouse Suite and got a lot off my chest
Then dudes gave me props, and I got confident
People who say they f** with you, what's that awful sent?
Oh that's just bullsh**, they lying like some congressman
I wanna go back to when I wanted to grow up
When my dad's shoulders were the highest thing to know of
And these light up shoes, were the flyest thing to know of
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Had an afro, despised getting low cuts
Didn't know what I wanted to be, so what?
I had time, now they like...
Oh, uh, a Rapper?
You sure?..that's cool
You know do your thing!
Just remember me when you make it big hahaha
Remember me when you make it big
Would you remember if I don't?
If I step up to the mic and choke
And everyone's laughing like I told em a joke
But the joke is, lately I been focused
Rapping till they notice and I ain't taking no sh**s
Man I stopped counting bars and seconds
Cause if I got a message
Then ima tell it till the credits
Man f** your suggestion
Didn't release sh** for a year I wasn't ready yet
Didn't know who I was and at times I still forget
I think I need a bar code to make it easier
Thinking life is hard but knowing it's not getting easier
Knowing it's not getting easier
Thinking life is hard but knowing it's not getting easier

It's not getting easier x3
Thinking life is hard but knowing it's not getting easier

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