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Dak - Earbuds In, World Off lyrics


[Verse 1: Dak]
Earbuds In, World Off
Finding me a woman I can swerve on
Do you and you could never get a word wrong
World's getting cold so I think I'll throw my Earl on
Like sweatshirt, man f** it
So much pressure but I won't push the button
Watching movies that mean something
Like I'm a Goodfella or Menace II Society mean mugging
Earbuds in, life in a still frame
Limit my emotions so I might never feel pain
So if you knew me, you gon' hate the new me
Cause this ice in my real veins
No more Mr nice
They asinine to think they have a hand in mine
And when it's set and over then I'll tell em' Pa** the nine
The greatest thoughts come after nine
Dark, it's after shine
Come as you are, which is just fine

[Hook: Dak]
Are you as lost as me?
Lost in astronomy
Cause I wanna be a star you see
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Putting words that you can see you like photography

[Verse 2: Dak]
Admiring Banksy's work of art
Wishing I could paint a pic
The best that I can do is speak my mind and say some sh**
Get a down to earth Black, White, and Asian chick
Then walk around like I'm dating the nation b**h
Zonin' out
Could be foaming at the mouth
Wouldn't even notice, cause the music is in focus now
Going through these troubles, told that I'm supposed to smile
For the Kids that always staying up
I'm the poster child
I'm so happy, today I found my friends
They're in my head, it's realer if you pretend
Searching for Nirvana, there's something in the way (way, way, way)
How many regret it?
I'm moving at so many minutes per second
Stop and ask questions
Admire the art and all of it's blessings
I'm going in, so you can tell me to stop but I probably would not
Got no street creed, I have never been shot
My mind is in space, you think in the block


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