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Dak - Autumn's Diary lyrics

Nothing going right right now
I need to do it all before I have a life meltdown

[Verse 1: Dak]
Nothing Going Right
Feel like I'm alone but I felt that most of my life
Friends leaving and I'm bad at making new one's
So I'm spending Friday night k**ing hookers and buy new guns
Like that's the plan for the night
Picture the planet I'm bright, but not bright enough to be your knight in shinning armour right?
Tryna be two things at once I'm RoboCop with my arm on right, tryna bomb on site
Survive the crash like I'm Clark Kent with a mask
I Step to her say "you fine like a ticket on the dash"
She laughs, that didn't happen that was all in my mind
I do sh** to impress myself they do it all for the vine
Time to get on my grind
Friends saying that I'm slipping
But I'm holding onto music that I know would make a difference
All these lines like the head of retirees
These lyrics they just entries in Autumns Diary
Going, Gone!
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[Hook 1: Dak]
Nothing going right right now, I think that's me figuring life right now
The lights turn down
Check who is in your corner, man that's cool I always felt like the Popular Loner

[Verse 2: Dak]
Pop in a disk swear there's no feeling like this
Maybe Pop a Molly or Shrooms to be like these other kids
Nah I'll pa**, I'll be the kid sitting working on his craft
Kicking a**, taking names now that's the part when you laugh
If I ain't writing I might as well dig my hearse and jump it, rehearsing to k** it
A mercenary with unfinished business
Man I like her and I wish that I was kidding, cause the reasons I should hate her see more fitting
It's not her fault it's my own cause I'm shyer (Chi) than Al Capone
I'm only 18 and saying I don't want to be alone
I know I won't but I can't quit thinking about it
Thinking I need brains because they say that you can't think without it
A star in my own right
Do it on my own because I've never been the loan type
Might take a month, to finish my last bar
Tryna be an artist cause I don't look like a rap star


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