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Daisha McBride - Outro lyrics

"Yeah, man
You know it's crazy, right?
Like, I haven't put out music in, like, a whole year and a half, like, I just can't. I been working, I can't even lie, I've been working."

[Verse 1]
Ok, I did like forty bars for this
Rap, I'll give it all for this
Come walk in my shoes and it's gon' make you wanna crawl for this
I'm twenty-one with the same plan, writing real music with the same hands
A fake friend who follows trends, yeah, those the people I can't stand

"Like, like right now... Hip-hop is just so crazy
Like there's so much music, everybody's trying to make it
But, but like see this is the thing: I'm really just focused on making good music
Like, I got all this support, like
I'm in school right now, I'm in college, like, trying to get a degree
So... it's, it's, it's,..."

[Verse 2]
I'm doing homework in the studio cause I can't fail that test, you know
Writing all these essays, people think that they should mex' it
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Well hola como estas, you say Daisha have famous
I was salty about my music, so I went and found some sauce
Now I'm dripping all on 'em, rappers falling like it's autumn
I'm a savage now, so chances are that you don't want no problem
And I know that I got titties boy, but I'm 2 Chainz to the game
So many beats I don' bodied that by now, the cops should've came
I was gone, nah, but I'm coming back
Does she have bars? We covered that
I'm Chris Brown in '06, I see the crown, I'm like "Gimmie that."
I see clowns in the spotlight with the same shine that I should've got
But I hit the folks, then take a low, then smooth it out with a milly rock
Cause I'm chilling, man
I don't think they say the vision, man
Me and God got a blueprint that's way better than Jigga, man
I'm coming with that real talk, that stuff that make you feel soft
And all my haters work to keep me from popping in the ville top
I'm gone, yeah

"Woo..! My bad, I ain't, I ain't mean to do that. Oops!
But, uh... I'm back though. So uh, It's been a long time coming... Yeah
Aye, aye, aye, aye
The Rap Girl."

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