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Daisha McBride - Nobody Knows lyrics

[Verse 1]
I said I'm on to the next one, let me handle my business
With the life that I'm living, all I need is a witness
I'm just a girl who be wearing all these caps like this
Nobody ever really thought that I could rap like this
Man I should probably get some make up since I be standing in the spotlight
I should probably tell the cops that all this shooting us is not right
Do you know what it is like to be so close to your dreams
But then to put them all on hold just to earn a degree?
I'm trying to graduate and then go perform a graduation
I'm trying to find love that goes past infatuation
I was clueless with my music, I ain't have no help
My life ain't come with no remote, I changed the channel myself
Nobody knows all the tears that I've cried that night
Nobody sees me rap it over till I get it right
Now it's clear that nothing's in my way but me
But I never let 'em forget all the trouble I see

Nobody knows
All the trouble I see
Nobody knows
Nothing in my way but me

[Verse 2]
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All glory to God for giving me these many blessings
I woke up this morning so there ain't no need for stressing
I got fans in South America, I think that I'm progressing
But that's because I didn't give up and that's a pretty fair lesson
Thinking back to math cla**, rapping in my backpack
Would've paid attention if I knew my numbers would grow this fast
But I'm sick of all this talk cause I'mma go get it regardless
And I'm sick of all my exes telling people that I'm heartless
Look, I ain't got no time for that
Ain't using my mind for that
I ain't about to go, but most rappers, they would sign for that
Same old mumble rap, no more stand humble rap
Ya'll thinking that it's flames, now Hip-Hop is in trouble rap
They telling me I'm next and man, honestly I'm flattered
But if I can't make a difference, then none of it really matters
I could do this and do that, but my fate ain't up to me
So I'm looking to the sky and I'm saying "God, please."

Nobody knows
All the trouble I see
Nobody knows
Nothing in my way but me
Nobody knows
All the trouble I see
Nobody knows...

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