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Daft Punk - Been Around the Wave lyrics

[Intro: Max B]
Yo yo yo yo, this ya boy Max Biggavel right
n***as be hatin' on that wave
n***as be hatin' cuz they ain't got that coke
Me and Macaroni with the cheese gon' talk to ya n***as
Let's do it, uh

[Verse 1: Max B]
Now trick, I won't ask you
That ain't what Max do
Let this sh** be rolled to get at you
Back track 2 years ago
I was with n***as straight hatin
Maybe I'm bringin mo cake, n***a go and break that problems
Hoes on a n***a dick still
Thinkin you n***a b**h feel good like she bout to get 50 up
Them b**hes see my bars, they get in the loop
Hit the coupe and cop cars, got the droptop Bentley
n***as love the way the bars flow
35 at the cardinal, make the car pull on water
Cruising on 6, you'll come
Let me take on a detour, G4
Nah baby, you flyin on jet blue bigger
Actin up in the black shoot, I can get you anything you want
Back rub the boss so it's bigger and fresher to get mo bucks out

[Hook: Daft Punk/Max B]
Been around the world, now ya ya
That's why they call us wavy
You don't know tonight, you don't know why
Homie is back on the wave

[Verse 2: French Montana]
My b**h from PR
Caddy all white like Lyor
Shades say Dior, turn the AC on
n***as ridin past me
Flyin by old n***as, lookin all nasty
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Homie catch me if you can it's the Gingerbread man
Coke wave, costume, you get to the tan
Boy where you be? Got yo baby ganjas in south Haiti with yo lady
Been around the world, made a couple million
Drug money stacked to the ceiling
Homie with them young gentlemen, been seized, send em in
If you don't know they face, homie don't send em in
Them hatin a** n***as, there they go again
In the Maybach
Nah French, that's a Benz
Got a neck full of ice and a pocket full of cheese
n***a please, I'm the macaroni with the cheese

[Hook:Daft Punk/Max B]

[Verse 3:Max B]
Coke wave, my light skin baby go both ways
I ain't sleep in 4 days
n***as know it's the coke boy gigolo
And how you get yo dough never let a n***a know
Before I go I blow, buck popo
Got it fresh for dough, I love dodo
And when my dope low, when this sh** slow froze
But the big 4-4 and slip her the coco
Oh no, boys don't got em on me
We the team, please just justice and gang we win, n***as dream
Grabbing the 50 whole crew, got the marble
13, the joker uncle
French rule the world bout to make a zillion
GT, black no ceiling
Homie in the air, man, we be gold man, we them hood stars
Kids runnin up like that's my car

[Hook: x2]

I don't know why they hatin cuz
Cuz I f**in hate it
Back in my Mercedes
Coke waving

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