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D Rek - No Tears lyrics

[Verse 1: The Jacka]
I breathe on the mic for n***as who push D
Tryna send a kite to my partners in (?)
Magazine flicks lets you see that we still eat
Sleep on a steel cot, bathe in a steel sink
Raised in the slums pushin' crumbs it's way deep
Ran into a plug, fell in love the same week
Hope it last forever brought me places I never seen
Livin' out my dreams just a young n***a seventeen
Coulda been whatever but I gave up everything
Blinded by the cash, life is fast, the streets was mean
It happened for a reason just surprised you noticed me
At first I didn't care then the lifestyle grew on me

[Verse 2: Ampichino]
They'll be no tears in the end
When a righteous man dies cause the world still spin
Look into my eyes trapped in this world I'm in
2012 they say the world gon end
Take my dick out her mouth, I let ya girl go in
The house, but she caught up in this world I'm in
This life of sin, we went from boys to men
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Only 15 years old, headed to the pen
Baby said she pregnant I just had to accept it
The feds sweeped the city & ate some n***as for breakfast
Did 9 months for a weapon, came home
Did my homework with the weapon, it's back on
Stones to bricks you get your some split, ever cross us
They had a quicker eye, watchin' my circle of bosses
We had officers paid off, in the quarter office, tryna get the rest of this weight off, chea

[Verse 3: D Rek]
I go hard like cooked coke, man you know this sh** dope
Sick flow, clips blow for work when the sh**'s slow
Pulled a .44 like lil jon n***as get low
All the hustlers & pimps is all who a spit fo
Watch full of rocks, chop full of shots
Block full of knocks, smoked out tryna cop
Heroin & hop, runnin' from the cops
Stick with the code don't be runnin with the cops
Where's ya work b**h n***a I done sold my zips
Checkin' my loot, cause the world cold as sh**
On my balls be the type of sh** a soldier spit
Tycoon status so I can't fold my chips

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