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D Generation - Degenerated lyrics

What's Johnny doing now on a Tuesday night?
Johnny can't read, Johnny can't write
He just don't understand
Johnny don't care about the world
As long as he can f** his girl
And prove that he's a man
He got wasted eating 'ludes
He's a teenage vegetable
Getting high through the night is cool
Johnny hates to think he's ignorant
He's a mindless brainwashed pig
Ring a bell he starts to drool

Degenerated, degenerated

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And our minds are vegetated
Degenerated, degerated
And our act is imitated
He's got PCP in his veins
Got a boy in his brain
He's addicted to the TV
When he's old he's gonna have a son
Said a kid grow up baby deaf and dumb
To become a young Johnny

Degenerated, degenerated

And our minds are vegetated
Degenerated, degenerated
And our act is imitated

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