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D Bright of SydeWayz Productions - The 99% Is 100% Right lyrics

It was downtown, midnight, financial apocalypse
Salty police with pepper spray terrorized the occupants

Hand cuffs and tough talk, curfew enforcement
Vacate the premises disassemble your voices

But not tonight commence to stand and fight
The 99% is 100% right

We work 60 hours weekly, but treated like Jonases
CEO's dismissed with massive cash bonuses
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Jobs outsourced, our lives swing like a pendulum
Back and forth [their] bank accounts hidden in Switzerland

Tax breaks for the wealthy cut us in half
I pay more than billionaires now you do the math

As we stand united we will never fall
Until success is reached will be standing at City Hall

With a list of incentives to help and replenish
Our struggling workforce, the pursuit relentless

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