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D Bright of SydeWayz Productions - Inauguration lyrics

In the oval office, set a new precedence
Stained oak bedrooms named after past presidents

The press conference before brunch placed the media in remission
No questions asked, they honor the executive decisions

She loved him before he began to soar, that made him respect her more
Fresh flowers for the first lady flown in from Ecuador

Oil paintings of the Civil War smooth on the canvas
Where no [Black] man has ever gone, voyage to Atlantis

Sculpture in the foyer chiseled in bronze
Exquisite dining Maine lobster and prawns

No more tattered shoes, a new path discovered
Air Force One has Soul, far from rubber

Words soothe the masses, and keep them warm through the winter
Turned up the heat now the melting pot simmers

Chosen by the people, far from a token
Fluent in three languages but words are unspoken
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His actions are watched with a bald eagle's precision
Spending cuts begin with minor incisions

The result of persistence, the need to acquire knowledge it
Educates the youth, place his daughters in private colleges

Foreign nations are aware, in hope they anticipate
Glory. The leader of the free world designate

Anger and resentment his opposition has
Please worry not for this too shall pass

Stability under pressure, his cabinet admires
Enter the war room and converse with top advisors

The parents no longer protest and picket
Sent the troops in the Middle East a one way ticket

No rest, Shake every hand remember every face
Found twenty minutes to doze on the staircase

Man of all men, daily sacrifice
For the purpose that the people will get a taste of paradise

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