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Cypress Hill - Band Of Gypsies lyrics

Feat : Sadat X

ياعم يابتاع الحشيش انا عايز حشيشة طرية
Ayyy dealer I want a mushy hash

أستنى يا بي ريل دا الواجب دا عليا
Wait B Real this is must be on me

الحشيشة اللي في جيبوا غير الحشيشة اللي في ايديا
The hash in his pocket is not like the same hash i got

ونصطبح انا وانت ونولع الدنيا
Smoking up togather & get so high

ونشرب سطفا حلوة ونسميها كايروفورنيا
It's so good stuff so we can call it Cairofornia

[Verse 1]
You're looking the last of the dying breed
Weeded up, blazed, speeded up
Sittin' in the Cali sun heated up
Rocking style [?]
I put the fear in God and [?]
People looking at me sideways like I'm on a verge
Like them on the purp that's blazed, I don't say the word
You don't wanna follow me, son
You ain't got the nerve
You just wanna swerve with the little herb, absurd
Got you paranoid in the paragraph when I paraphrase
Got a pair of joint, it's dancing on your f**ing face
Paralysed, see the paranormal, paratruth
Summoned by the Grandmaster as he prepares the loose
Temple doors open up, smoke fiddles out
Now you hoping what, for mercy? Get your soul brittled out
From another hood, you ain't really f**ing with our brotherhood
Even if another could, I wish the motherf**er would
Clip it up or sip it up
Listen, I prefer to trip it up
Chem skippy ya'll bitter f**s
I can take a bigger chunk
And if I'm callin' doc figures up
Don't make a move, they light triggers up
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Muggs, cut 'em up, chka-chka, what, huh
(This is for the-)

وعنينا قفلت ودماغنا سافرت سافرت في حتة تانية
Our eyez get off & our brains traveling the world

وسجارة ولعت وسجارة لفت ولع سجارة تانية
Joint get spark & joint off - spark another one

عصابات السموكات يلا نرول الجوبات
Smoke OG's lets roll some joints

يا رايق
Ayyyyy Chillin'
خليك سايق
Keep Riding
بتقولوا ايه
What you saying!

[Verse 2: Sen Dog]
Ever heard of me?
Wickedest you ever seen
Heavy on the throttle
Smoke when we hit the scene
Rolling on see
Another cop, blurry night
Spirit flying free, n***as higher than a kite
You got nothing on me [?]
De la clan goes way back to the Cro-Mags
[?] unbreakable bloodline
Too much of f**boy, but all of brothers combine
Everything you ever heard of is not a myth
Crazy dogs you don't ever wanna deal with
What you smell? It's the hash that we left around
Smoke a whole pound when I feel myself pummin' down
Live how I wanna live and answer to no one
Send my love through the ways of the shogun
Think [?] before you try to come and get me
Or you get shot up by a gang of gypsies (shot)


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