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Cyhi The Prynce - Artist lyrics

[Verse 1]
One for the money, yessir two for the show
Oh, no that was like 12 months ago
I got that Outkast Goodie Mob dungeon flow
With a laid back delivery, my sh** so comfortable
Rap Geronimo, blowing ganja smoke
Line them b**hes up knock em down
Yeah thats domino
I'm talking big sh** where the plunger go
f** it, let the plumber know
Chronicles of a warrior, valedictorian
GOOD Music we the best like DJ Khaled came on tour with us
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California to Florida I keep a L like a quarter to midnight
Get neck like a pit fight
7 days 6 flights, spandex flow
Cause every verse I spit tight
So don't get your b**h suplexed
We call her t-shirt
Cause she gave the whole crew neck

Me and Boo
Big Sean, Pusha T and Yeezy too
We had the b**h stripping for the dough
So don't be mad at your ho

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