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Cyhi The Prynce - A-Town lyrics

[Hook: Cyhi and Travis Porter]
Ok I represent for my city
Hold it down for my town
I'm riding down I-20
Hell yeah east bound
Those real n***as in Bankhead
All the way to Stone Mountain
I'm throwing up the A-Town
Throwing up the A-Town

Ok I'm sliding down on Lenox
Keep a vic in my crown
I hit the mall and I spend it
All this money I count
I remember them pool palace
I remember them bounds
Throwing up the A-Town
Throwing up the A-Town

[CyHi the Prynce- Verse 1]
A-T-L home of the brave
So I had to make a song for the A
Shawty this is where I'm born and I'm raised
I represent this sh** 'til I'm gone in the grave
Bustin like Chipper Jones with the gauge
I'm sicker than the CDC
Money longer than peachtree street
Been here before Luda had DTP
Huh, Southside to the Northside
I'm at the Hawks game sittin court side
Come to my city I'm the tour guide
I can tell you we're goin on a joy ride
Huh, this the new Atlanta
I'm a country n***a so excuse my manners
Every night of the week it's a club poppin
All you see is stars like the movie channel
Take you to the Bluff and then we shoot to Candler
All these other rapper tryin to use the grammar
I know they pissed of
Cuz we sh**tin on these n***as we can use a pamper
Money green like a new banana
From the A-Town so I had to do the anthem for
Zone 1 & Zone 6
And shout out to the Braves for letting me use the sample
Cause I...


[CyHi the Prynce- Verse 2]
A-T-L we back on the map
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Where every lil n***a gotta strap in his lap
Anyway I just pa**ed Capital Ave
Flying down 20 headed back to Dekalb
As I turn the wheel, by Turner Field
From round the corner from Summer Hill
I had s** with the girl at the Four Seasons
Had the b**h screaming out Thomasville
From Godby To Jimmy Carter
From Baker road to L-Town
This is where I made a lot of money
From all the bails that I mailed down
My teacher said I was jail bound
You tripping b**h you fell down
I dropped out of school could've went to open camp
But look at me I'm doing well now
All I ever wanted is to win a Grammy
Buy a box Chevy get it dipped in candy
You wasn't the sh** back in high school
If you didn't have a girl who went to Chamblee
I'm CyHi a.k.a Mr. Bag a b**h like Kroger
I just represent Atlanta, I do this sh** for Georgia
Cause I....


[B.o.B- Verse 3]
Riding in the Cutla** smoking on a black
Man it don't get more Decatur than that
What's better than that ain't nothing better than that
Ain't nothing better than that
See through the bullsh** like cellophane rap
All the slick talk we don't entertain that
Better take a step back, last n***a came 'round here talking sh**
Left and never came back
n***a I'm high, high like eagle p**y
Rolling up a heavyweight rap
My crib lay back, my chick lay back
My seat lay back yeah everything match
n***as tryna act brave, man we the home of that
You lookin for whatever it's a zone for that
Getting paper ain't nothing wrong with that
Yeah we bout that coin like a laundromat
Maybe Candler Road make me feel like this
Or maybe OutKast make me feel like this
Put your A's up if you feel like this
We get the Georgia Dome jumping like we still got Vick
It's a dirty game and scared at that
Blame it on the red and black what better than that
Ain't nothing better than that, ain't nothing better than that


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