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Cyhi The Prynce - 3 16 lyrics

[Produced by M16]

3:16 it is still the gospel in the whole story, because in 3:16 it is the greatest verse and the greatest text in the Bible
"God so loved the world that He gave His begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have an everlasting life!

[Verse 1]
Yea, CyHi!
Why panic if this how God planned it
My eyes slanted from smoking a gigantic
Got dammit the dope is on 5 planets
ATLien, Decatur where I landed
If I get married I hope my bride Spanish
Yea I'm kinda manish
Put some dick where her diaphragm is
But f** relationships and friendships
Cuz I rather die on the Titanic
Live calm or die frantic
I don't do the back and forth
I throw the deuces my advantage
I'm affiliated any drama we fire canons
In the jungle with them trees, my n***a, I'm Tarzanin'
Success is never luck it's more like smart plannin'
And the car parked is all black like Clark campus
Basquiat, paint picture without an art canvas
I always stood out my n***a I'm outstanding

God so loved the world gave his only begotten Rapper
If you believe in Him you live happily ever after
Word to the Pastor, smokin' this green pasture
CyHi the 3rd Chapter comin' back like the rapture
My 3 16s n***a
My 3 16s n***a
Word to the Pastor, smokin' this green pasture
CyHi the 3rd Chapter comin' back like the rapture

[Verse 2]
Champion from the Pantheon
I'm tired of people telling me what can't be done
From 2014 and beyond
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If you ain't talkin money to me sonny than I can't respond
I'm from where them pistols whistle like Andy on
.223 just as long as Marcus Camby arms
At the St. Regis with a fancy blonde
b**h you with a prince why you still got your panties on?
Smoke a gram with my girl while the Grammys on
Cuz this sh** I write should have 11 Oscars
You ever met a author who holds his weapon awkward
This 38 my body guard I call it Kevin Costner
Street n***a, Reverend and a Rasta
Black Pentecostal who never read the gospel
My adversary do it for imaginary mobsters
The Prynce from Machiavelli cuz us rappers rarely prosper


[Verse 3]
Basking in the ambiance of the Mondrian
I'm starving like it Ramadan let's get this parmesan
I keep the piece I'm like Gandhi with a tommy gun
Slung so many elbows I think I might need Tommy John
But this rap bread sweeter than a honeybun
And I could never fall off and if I did I bungee jump
That's funny, huh? Armani, huh?
f** a b**h I rather see this money cum
You can't see me no more I'm out the country chump
With a girl from Capetown running naked cross the lawn
Imma don, Marcello Burlon
I swear to Allah my verses deserve to be in the Quran
Waalaikumsalam go to Barbados so fun
Ratchet hoes used to call me broke now the tables have spun
And I don't pay for p**y
Only buy sh** you able to pawn
King David, the Psalm. Prophet like Jacob and John


Look at it for a moment. God is a great giver. God is the greatest. The greatest Lover: God. The greatest degree: So loved
The greatest company: The world. The greatest act: That He gave. The greatest gift...

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