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Cyhi The Prynce - (Sway) Friday Fire Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1]
What you know about bumping, huh
What you know about bumping Maxwell on the back trail
Your homie made a crack sale from a crack cell
He got that lean in his pink, n***a, pastel
Part your head like a rat tail, if a rat tell
sh** I made it out without a scratch, hell
Used to bag Kale til I found that I could rap well
Plus I can't let them black mail another black male
All I know is goons who look like Fat Trell
Shout-out to my DC riders
Made the k**ing out the trunk, DC snipers
CD's, weed, Lee's where you need me to drive 'em
From these streets to Peachtree
Huh, yeah I send them to Fort Lauderdale
Before I had a car, I moved them on the monorail
Kept somethin to spin a n***a round like the barber chair
Went to a different school of hardknocks
I'm talking Harvard, Yale, I hope all is well
I'm so ahead of my time, I already heard Tha Carter 12
Any minute I'm a spaz
It's a full moon, that mean I'm finna show my a**
When I'm done, you won't want to hear another rapper rhyme
I got half the shine, but the flow is asinine
And if you think I'm p**y, n***a, you can ask the 9
Hold it like I'm tryna stir a gla** of wine, mastermind
I feel like Drake
Take a n***a style
Cause I already mastered mine
sh** I know I'm dope
(*snorts*) cause y'all just let me snort half a line
Stay on them greens like I'm working on my alkalines
Everything I say is real
Never been a Palestine
All my b**hes cheated on me
Never had a Valentine
At school I kept a pistol on me
Never had a columbine
And I don't f** with crackers
Unless it's honey grams
You want a verse, I take cash, cheque, a money gram
What's funny, fam?
sh**, I'm in a money jam
Cause n***as always tryna brake yo pockets, Randall Cunningham
Don't talk about me
There's some places you can't walk without me
Call my partner Bocce, trust me he'll off ya posse
This sh** original boy I ain't no carbon copy
Pick up my Boost Mobile chirp tell em bring my carbon copy
Looking for the feds
Y'all complaining' bout the paparazzi
I run my j**els around a lot of Nazis
Dancing with the devil
I'm feeling like a Jabbawockee
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Lucifer be tryna shadowbox me
Sure as hell going nowhere near a cell
When I'm in this element
I feel like my purest self
Never had a fear to fail
Smoking loud you hear the smell
Assault and battery, got a shotty full of Duracells
So much drug residue
You got to manicure your nails
And if you think you dope as me
n***a, send two hundred grand to URL
I'm out this b**h!

[Verse 2]
I'm that n***a that they hate the most
Cause I'm not a black man blinded by them racist quotes
I hope you n***as taking notes
We complain about our rights
But won't go down to that place and vote
Plus I like Caucasian hoes
And a b**h with no credit
I ain't got the patience for
And your woe, ain't you woe
Cause I bet if y'all get caught
He be the first one to take the oath
Jealous cause you make the most
My flow will eat the goat, like Jamaican folks
The only time you seem to raid is when you spray the roach
I know serial k**ers
I'm talking Quaker Oats
Face the ghost of Marcus Garvey
Can't nobody Marshall Law me
Me and rap go together like Bob and Marley
Never popped a molly
n***a, this is not a hobby
Don't interrupt me while I'm talking godly
We used to hustle off them walkie talkies
Bricks in a black beetle
Code word, Paul McCartney or John Lennon
I die with my gun spinning
Rappers bull with the pen, never pitched one inning
What's up with you and Sean, man
That's me and Sean business
What's up with you and Ye, man
That's me and Com business
I came here to wreck to station
I was sent out of heaven in desperation
So if y'all think about putting me out the building
Between me and you, I been kicked out of better places
They try to make you feel like you ain't sh** without the label
All I see is squares like the periodic table
n***a (?) out of data
Tryna get this paper, and stack it like a staple
I said I stack it like a staple (x2)

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