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Cryptic Wisdom - Memento lyrics

[Verse One: MikelWJ]
I want to start by saying sorry if my tone gets aggressive
But I have an honest issue you've been so unexpressive
You've been dismissing the fact that I'm excelling in rap
And if you asked, I would have flown to pluto and back
You make it hard to react, you criticize every move
Talking me down for every single little thing that I do
And yes I'm talking to you, hope that I'm clear as a crystal
Giving simple instructions on avoiding the sinful
You've been living in shambles with no attempts to repair
And every time your around, it's like I'm gasping for air
You say I'm making an error, when I feel like I'm correct
It's like every thought I have you're bound to pick and reject
Thing's are never the same, one of us had to change
So I guess I'll step forward and start taking the blame
Give me a chance to explain, why we need to part ways
Since I swear I won't be the only one here trying to save face

[Chorus: Cryptic Wisdom]
Goodbye friend, we're better off this way
I don't know when, but one day you'll understand
You never tell me that you love me no more
Goodbye friend, goodbye friend

[Verse Two: MikelWJ]
I still remember how we met, although you seem to forget
And if I ask for a moment, you just reply you're in bed
You said that I was your friend, but then you left me alone
Quoting stanza's from some sh**ty song I wrote as a poem
When I was eight months to august, fighting with coffin and college
Hanging by the edge of a cliff with a tear in my harness
Please use emotion and reason to just express what you're feeling
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Instead of bipolar mutters that you've been using for seasons
I just asked for a little bit of trustable tact
But you went back just a little into all that I lacked
I guess you cracked just a little like this china and gla**
Making me stop just a little like a car without gas
I gave you chance after chance while you just sat on your a**
So I'm abandoning your ship before it's immanent crash
Know I never once thought of you any less than a friend
I just hope you'll understand why everything had to end

[Chorus: Cryptic Wisdom]

[Verse Three: MikelWJ]
Little do you know, it's been harder than you imagine
Living off the memories of back when there was pa**ion
Now you just complain about all that you can't accomplish
And it's getting really irritating being your accomplice
You have the power to do anything your mind can imagine
Except for living forever and f**ing fighting a dragon
But you waste your life drowning in your own self-pity
Now I can guarantee that's the reason you still feel sh**ty
And I'm not really looking for some new reason to stay
You see I made up my mind, it's time I go my own way
And I hope you get better with yet another pa**ing day
It's so hard to express each and every word I should say
Just know I never stopped loving, I just know this is what's right
Because you and I are destined just to bicker and fight
So when I put this to rest, I'll slow this beat in my chest
So I can figure out my life and show them only my best
I'm so sorry

[Chorus: Cryptic Wisdom]

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