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Crotchduster - True Nature Of Williams lyrics

Williams wont you wait a while
Williams wont you make us smile
No key will unlock the door
To an interdimensional dumptruck world
40 f**ing tons of thundering bliss
The tip of southern hell
Ain't even hotter than this
If you want to go to williamsburgland
You gotta check with cain
Because that dog is the man

I cant believe my eyes
Its shining in the sky
I hope cain enjoys my smell
So I can get inside
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Welcome to my dumptruck
Inside williamsburgland
The power seats and cold a/c
Is under cains command
Men like me who poop and pee
Inside a coffee can
If you want to get inside
Three tests you will withstand

Dig a hole and live in it
And sleep in it for 15 days
Steal a goddamn police car
And drive it in a lake
Eat a prepubescent narcoleptic
Peeled and sauted steak

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