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Crotchduster - Mammal Sauce lyrics

Listen up motherf**er
I got something I need to say
If you don't use mammal sauce
You might as well be gay
I feel it running through my brain
I feel it running through my eyes
You hear the name that's calling you
It makes you hypnotized


Sliptoflappy rappy
And a carpal tunnel pudding flanker
Nabble and a stampy and a
[Lyrics from: https:/**/mammal-sauce.html]
Pigeon smelling generator
See a chitlin wafer and a
Chocolate buttered horses a**
Frabble obble abble and a
Stupid monkey chicken gas
Chinese diarrhea prison carpet
Chunky harplegig
Nopaliaseah perforated
Purple parkle pig

My mammal sauce is the best mammal sauce
Spread mammal sauce on my wang
We make mammal sauce in bill williams loft
And we eat a bucket of tang

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