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Crotchduster - Crotchopus lyrics

Lets get in the van
Go to molly browns
I've been saving money for a month
If they close it down
We'll start a riot

Their damn atm charges ten dollars

Mystical vaginas are in my face
I smell the aroma of the gods
I'll give you the money
I brought with me
If you'll friction grind upon my rod

I'm done
That was like ten seconds

I got balls

(backwards stripper face)

I'd stick my hand right up her cartoon box
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Too bad for her we don't have cartoon cocks
I'd like to give her a semen dip
Jessica rabbits got them cartoon tits
My dicks not hard it's just drawn that way
And we both know that the rabbits gay
I'd shoot up roger with some poison gas
So I could f** you in your cartoon a**

Girl with a big face
I saw you at the bus stop
From a mile away
Even though it was really dark
Girl with a big face I love you more each day
Even though you're face
Is as big as a dinner plate

We hope that you enjoyed this
Crothcduster album
We hope that you like singing along
Right now we're really busy
Working on the next one
This time with help from doctor bronze

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