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Crotchduster - Big Top Williams lyrics

Welcome to the bottom of my pants
Eat my a**hole
sh**ting out a turkey leg in france
Heres 5 dollars
I'm a nasty dirty little slut
Hey I hear ya

We're all bleeding
Here's a bagel
Vagina land

Let me f** your p**y
Let me f** that f**in sh**
If I had a crowbar
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Id spread your a** open with it
Let me pinch your nipples
Let me smell your sweaty tits
Ill use my geographic tongue
And clean your buttcrack out with it

Smelling her big titties
Makes my monster arise
Her p**y's winking at me
Like a wet gooey eye

Vagiflap the reason for cain
The way that he looks in my eye
Mammal sauce, so pleasantly fresh
My senators vagina in the sky

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