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Crossley Hunter - X-Ray Visions lyrics

You came to me as a flesh ghost
You breathed your message on a cold gla** window
You had my soul from the first glance
Now my body's a playground for you and them hellhounds The crystal clear turns to bullsh**
It was feelin right but now it's hanging loosely
Swallowed whole like I'm spineless
It takes a lot to satisfy them hungry eyes
I don't feel right when you strip my soul
But I just can't fight it baby, hell no
Now a little while later
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You've got me tied up and tortured but screaming for more Well I've never been so
Possessed by a lady like you father help me
My chest on fire
And I can't escape you no My bottled blood sits on the table
I'm sick anemic from my humble sacrifice
Your kind of k**er likes to savor
The fleeting sanity protruding from eyes
It don't feel right when you bleed me dry
But I just can't help it it gets me high
Now a little while later
You got me tied up and tortured

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