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Crossley Hunter - Burning Bright lyrics

You bury yourself
You're working on the line just doing time
Sometimes you try to say to yourself
If things could fall in line you're doing fine
Well don't we try to comfort ourselves
All waiting for a sign to ease our minds
One day you get to hating yourself for living out a lie, for wasting all
your time I know beneath our skin lies the open hearted
I'll go where we began
Back before we started Hey, I'll be burning bright today
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I'll take the time to live and learn how to bleed
Hey, watch me smile and light the flames
It takes some fire to burn and learn how to be You're raising yourself
Built upon the words your father spoke to keep you from the grips of all hell
And now it's forced upon the ones you know
Let's see you try to comfort yourself with the branches of your crooked
family tree - cause they'll break beneath the weight of empty words I'll shake it off of myself
All the crooked lies dragging me through hell
Tear it off of myself
If you hear these words maybe then you'll know Hey, I'll be burning bright today

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