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Crossfire - ...and Darkness Fallin' lyrics

Listen to me now but please don't cry
It's not an end and not a lie
I know that the black shadows
Fell on heart and will never leave

I should have known that never turning back
Refires our love from the ashes left
Wish I could cry so high
But my hopes are leaving now

Someday you'll see what you mean to me
You take my soul and take it away from me
Just like as the stars in the sky
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I can see but I can not touch it

As long as you are my life
I promised myself and I've kept on living
But everything changed and faded to black
Like my heart once shining

Now cold and darkness fall on me

Everytime I feel...
Everytime I hear...
Everytime I see...
Now cold and darkness fall in...

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