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Crocker - The Devil Is Dope lyrics

/Sicker than 3 kids, 2 cups, 1 priest/ At Penn State dressing small boys up like Chun Li/ The devil is dope and I'm slicker than linoleum/ As I stand atop my podium, mouth secreting opium/ Got the nod from Misses Reagan, errbody yellow cakin'/ Dare you try stop, that's quite an undertaking/ Come now before accident happens, this actually rapping/ I kick dope bars, I actually trapping/ Tie off 'till your vein burst, and feel your vein squirt/ Then that rush hit the brain then you're hittin' paydirt/ Smash! Sick as midgets fisting chickens/ Then bathing in it's blood, voodoo, singing hymnals Christian/ Fuck bars, I write bricks, pure Bolivian finest/ Pounding on my chest like a simian primate/ White devil, white devil, best watch what you come with/ The white devil is dope but that's fucking redundant/
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Holler if you need it, warp needles to pieces/ Pure as the steeple that's atop a cathedral/ O.D. ‘till you're feeble, their portions are meager/ I got enough stashed you'll be geekin' till Easter/ Lucifer askin' God to pull tight on the tourniquet/ A cavalcade of dopamine, ask,and I'll furnish it/ Test not, know better, no cuts in the formula/ Or bleed out, see now, I had reason for warning ya/ You'se lightweight, I know better, stick to your flex bars/ See the real, read the real, bitch it's carved in my flesh scars/ You'se a chump to a freak, just a bump to a Ki/ You'se alotta things kid, but not fucking with me/ BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice, say my name of wax/ I rap, there's tracks laced atop my tracks/ You're dope like that muffin, not enough that it matters/ I'm so fucking dope, that real dope should be flattered/

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